June 22, 2015

In 7,(6,5,4,)3...

Happy Days 62 and 63
I WILL reach 100 here. (I am not a quitter!) I think this is about when I stopped tagging pics on Instagram with #100happydays, but the hashtag or lack thereof doesn't really matter. Like I said when I began, it was the meditation on gratitude that made the project so appealing to me. And that sentiment is stronger than ever now, almost a year (!) later, reminiscing on the days just before and the weeks after I became a mommy as I finish up the project.
I believe the first pic was exactly a week before Ida arrived and the second two just a couple of days. It was the height of beautiful weather in Seattle, so it would have been criminal not to get out and enjoy even though by this time the stroll down the street and back left me huffing and puffing and ready for a bowl of ice cream.

June 21, 2015

You Will Do Better in Toledo

Our new city's slogan, it also describes how one far one's dollar will go in the real estate market here versus say, Seattle. This is our new home, a 1923 tudor with a colorful past (or rather, one set of previous owners were particularly colorful characters, I will tell that story soon). It is so big, a bigger house than we ever imagined we'd call home. But it's history combined with my dream of owning and restoring an older home with original details intact combined with a surprising lack of options on the market at the time we were hunting made it the one.
These are just a few shots I took right after we took possession.
Thoughtful gifts from the previous owners. 
Dining room chandelier detail. 

We've been in the house for I'm not even sure how long now, and it's just within the last week or so finally starting to resemble a home, at least in spots.

I haven't given up on my little blog. Hopefully back again before another two months is out, but I probably shouldn't make any more promises at this point in my blogging career as they obviously don't really guarantee my consistency. :/

April 22, 2015

Spring, Take One

Where to begin? February, March and most of April have flown by during which we: got our house ready to go on the market, lost our beloved doggy, spent two weeks desperately searching for a house in Toledo, sold our house, went on vacation, packed up all of our belongings, flew across the country (with a seven month old and an agoraphobic kitty), finally closed the deal on our new home, and our now renovating it before we will at last get to move in a week and a half from now. That's about it. 
But it's all good. A little on the stressful side, but really good. Little Ida is doing awesome. The house that we bought is well, pretty crazy. But more on that later.
We left Seattle two weeks ago and have been staying in a hotel while we work on the new place. These were some photos I took in our yard and around the neighborhood in our last few weeks in the PNW. Spring was in full swing there when we left and when we arrived in Ohio, it had barely begun. As of today, the weather still isn't on board (snow flurries!?), though things are starting to get greener and bloom.

Hoping that the most hectic part of this transition is almost over and more posts will follow shortly!

March 9, 2015


We suddenly and unexpectedly found ourselves forced to say goodbye to our sweet Piper two weeks ago Saturday. In a matter of days, practically hours, the overenthusiastic dog she'd been her entire life faded away. She physically couldn't be herself any more. It wasn't fair to make her struggle to try. She had just turned 11 on the 14th. We thought we had more time with her. We thought she'd be coming back to Ohio with us. We thought that Ida would have a chance to really get to know her first doggy, she was just beginning to show interest in her. 
I know she had a good life, she lived and was loved. But I know I took her for granted. I would cash in the clean floor that I spent far too much time trying to keep free of her fur for just one more walk. I wish there had been time for one more of all her favorite things. One more tossed ball to chase down, one more spaghetti noodle to slurp up. But all I can do is try to find peace in the good memories and the fact that it all happened so quickly that there wasn't much time for suffering on her part or agonizing over the decision on ours.

Rest in Peace, Pup.

February 10, 2015

Breakfast, Blooms and Dinner

Happy Day 61
At about three weeks before due date, we were really savoring the final weekends before parenthood. And by that I mean frantically trying to get everything ready for baby. But we did take some time for relaxation too. In the form of vanilla custard stuffed french toast topped with peaches to kick off this Sunday.
Then a trip to the farmers market for dahlias. I remember thinking this would be a perfect bouquet to have on the table when bringing a baby girl home, but seeing as how we weren't quite ready for her yet, glad she didn't pick up on those brain waves.
And to conclude the day, a lovely seasonal dinner on the patio.

February 3, 2015

Last Supper

Happy Day 60
One of our last nice dinners out before baby was a business one. Copperleaf Restaurant at Cedarbrook Lodge was the go-to for taking Greg's associates to during our time here. Just a couple minutes from Seatac, therefore very convenient to take out-of-towners to, it's tucked back in woods and feels a million miles away from the usual strip malls, chain hotels and so-so dining options that surround any major airport. The food is all regionally sourced, so it offers a taste of the PNW for those looking for an authentic Seattle dining experience. Knowing we weren't going to have many more chances at leisurely dining, we came a little early so we could sit in the bar and enjoy a little plate just the two and a 8/9 of us.

January 31, 2015

Mount Rainier

Happy Day 59
Our second National Park excursion during my Dad's visit was down to Mount Rainier.
Pictures can barely convey just how big this mountain is. All 14,000 feet and some change. It is still an incredible site to behold to this midwestern girl.
We drove in the southwest entrance and our first stop was Longmire to take in some classic NPS architecture. 

We then continued upward, stopping to take in the sights as we went.
Lots was easily accessible from the road, so again, as with our trip to Olympic National Park, not too much hiking was required of rotund moi.

Note the humans there in the middle for a sense of scale!
As the afternoon went on the top of the mountain became more and more shrouded in clouds, but still beautiful. 
We made it up to the Paradise Area then called it a day and turned around and headed back down.

Well I'm glad for the chances we had this past summer to get out and enjoy Washington's natural beauty. We thought we would have at least one more to go here before Greg got reassigned to a new role within his company, and we were already starting to make plans for this summer's PNW exploration. But just within the last couple of weeks we've learned that we'll be moving on much sooner. Within a couple of months we'll be back in Ohio, this time in Toledo where Greg's company is headquartered (we had our fingers crossed we'd be able to go back to Columbus but no such luck this time). So it's going to be a crazy spring and early summer. Though I will miss the beautiful surroundings, with baby it will be nice to not be quite so far from family and friends and we are also looking forward to being able to afford a bigger home to spread out in. We are definitely cramped in our little two bedroom bungalow. So here we go, let the next adventure begin!