July 9, 2014

Garden-variety Aromatherapy

Happy Day 24 
There are three "dwarf" Korean lilac bushes right outside our living room and for a week or so there in early May, with the window open, warm spring sunshine and a little breeze, they had the place smelling like a million bucks. They definitely hold their own versus the old fashioned kind in the fragrance category. Quotation marks around dwarf because they're over seven feet tall! Had to bring some inside to dial up the scent another notch or two.
Obviously still haven't had time to catch up here or resume regular Happy Day-ing, that slower pace has been eluding me, but we shall call any effort better than none.

June 25, 2014

Food-Induced Happiness

(Happy Day 23)
it's a trend. This time a banh mi and rice soup from the Monkey Bridge in Ballard.
I dropped off with the Happy Day-ing for the last week and a half on Instagram, and obviously I haven't caught up here either. Not that there hasn't been subject matter, just no time to acknowledge it in any formal way. Which is kind of a bummer. I am ready for a slower pace for the next two months or so before it's all little one all the time!

June 9, 2014

Too Good to be True

Happy Day 22
Smitten Kitchen's double chocolate banana breadI had one aged banana and I wanted to make this so badly that I bought and prematurely aged another couple. Definitely worth making new bananas old and then some. I used whole wheat pastry flour to cram a little more "good" in the too good to be true.

June 4, 2014

The Grass is Always Greener

Happy Day 21 (Blog Happy Days catch up still in progress, real-time (more or less) Happy Days happening over on Instagram.
I desperately miss Northstar Café in Columbus. In fact I really, really miss the entire Columbus, Ohio food scene. And yes, I'm still currently living in Seattle, Washington.
A few weeks ago I was craving pretty much anything from Northstar's menu so badly that I decided to try to recreate their Sweet Basil Burrito (rotisserie chicken, roasted red pepper and onion, brown rice, less the romaine with sweet basil sauce) cross-pollinated with their Chicken Avocado Sandwich (add avocado), but deconstructed (no tortilla or bun). Nailed it, thanks entirely to the sweet basil sauce I concocted (basil, almonds, parmesan, olive oil, greek yogurt, salt, honey). So I made it again the next week. And guess what's on the menu for tomorrow. Happy, healthy food. Maybe I'll get ambitious and shoot for the Veggie Burger next.

June 2, 2014

On Their Way Home

Happy Day 20
A couple of weeks ago I was back doing more monitoring of utility work at the old farmstead turned park. It was a beautiful sunny morning and I've gotta admit I love sniffing fresh country air. In fact I didn't realize how much I missed it till I was surrounded by it again.
At one point these girls, on their way from one field to another via the creek, and I took time out of our mornings to acknowledge each other existed. 

A First

Happy Day 19 
I've been trying to convince Greg for 10 years that we deserve to celebrate Mum's and Dad's Days since becoming parents to one then another species of lovely, furry child. But he's never really bought it, despite the fact that I think I actually did give him a card or two over the years. But this year the burgeoning baby belly convinced him to celebrate and so we dubbed usual weekend brunch at our favorite, Fiddlehead here in West Sea, Mother's Day Brunch. And purportedly I have a gift of some sort coming. :)

May 21, 2014


Happy Day 18
Well, I've gotten a little behind in posting them here (going to try to play catch up over the next few days), but over on Instagram, I have been sticking with my 100 Happy Days project. It feels good!

A week and a half ago was the West Seattle community-wide garage sale, with something like 280 sales! We had ambitious plans to go around hunting for some of the bigger baby items. We didn't get too late of a start, but after a couple of hours walking around our immediate neighborhood, we determined that all the really early birds got the juicy worms. Silly tired (from walking up a couple of embarrassingly small hills) and famished we threw in the towel and went to brunch.

But of course I had to buy something and shockingly that something was a book. I am really coming to accept it's not in the reading or even necessarily looking at the pictures, it's the collecting. (That was a confession of sorts. :) )