April 1, 2014

Of the Moment Interlude

I am itching to lose the six month lag time between blog and reality! Spring is really coming on. Things are blooming like camellias and daffs...
the sun has finally returned to the floor. Ahhhhh, floor sun.
There are so many photos I'd like to be taking at the moment to go along with subjects I want to address here. Hope to get to it quickly!

March 16, 2014

New York, NY: It's a Helluva Town, Day 2

Our second day in NYC, we grabbed some lunch at Momofuku Ssäm Bar and then walked up town to visit the Empire State Building. We decided that this was our skyscraper of choice this trip from which to get a birds eye view of the city.

In case you forget where you are while on the (lengthy) journey up, there are plenty of renditions of the building along the way to remind you.

Finally at the top, fresh air and sunshine and plenty to take in.

We bought the ticket for the main and top decks. A bit windy on the main deck, hard to keep the hair under control long enough to snap a shot.

Much calmer on the enclosed upper deck, so someone else has much better hair going on in their Empire State Building souvenir shot.
A parting shot of a great bank of deco-detailed elevators. 

After making our way back downtown, that evening we stayed in the Bowery (besides the name of our hotel, also the street it's on and the neighborhood it's in), grabbing some dinner across the street from the hotel and eventually ending up back in the hotel bar, which as it turns out is quite the hip(ster) hangout later in the evening. 

Still more to come!

March 1, 2014

New York, NY: It's a Helluva Town, Day 1/2 and 1

Wow has it been awhile! Lots going on in the two (!) months, work, play and otherwise. I've been wanting to share our anniversary trip to New York for so long now, since, well it happened way back in October. Like I always say, better late than never! 
It was such an amazing trip, every time I look back on it I get super nostalgic. It was both of our first times in New York and we loved it. I didn't want to leave, it felt like we had barely even scratched the surface, and of course we hadn't. Since we were celebrating our 10th (again, !) anniversary, we didn't really hold back. We stayed in a wonderful hotel, The Bowery on the Lower East Side. The service was amazing and the overall design was perfect for the nature of our trip, kind of British colonial with lots of dark woodwork, thick carpets, rich upholstery, brass, white marble and some palms thrown in for good measure = romantic! We mentioned it was our anniversary when booking and there was a bottle of champagne waiting for us.
Greg's first Manhattan Manhattan.
Our first full day activity was a trip to the Tenement Museum. The goal of the organization is to interpret the building to its various periods of occupation/occupants and in the process uncover the stories of the immigrants who called the building home and place of business, the history of the building itself, and of the ever-dynamic surrounding neighborhood. Rather than a self-guided experience, all museum visitors are led through a program by an interpreter. We took the Shop Life tour which was very good. Being an archaeologist/old building geek I really, really wanted to do the Exploring 97 Orchard Street tour, but unfortunately it wasn't offered on the particular Thursday we were there. :( No photography allowed inside, but take my word it was a great, unconventional-in-a-good way museum experience.
Katz's Delicatessen of When Harry Met Sally fame is just a few blocks away, so we stopped there for lunch after our tour. We shared a reuben and potato salad, our Jewish deli benchmark, and while it was good, I have to be perfectly honest: my heart belongs to Shapiro's in Indianapolis. 

That evening we had tickets for The Book of Mormon. We headed up early and walked around Times Square for a bit. Just a bit.
Then retreated for a pre-show cocktail as per the plan. Greg chose the Rum House and he chose well as we immediately felt transported a million miles from less-than-authentic New York City, to that's-more-what-we-had-in-mind New York City. They have a great drink menu full of all the classics. If I remember correctly Greg had another Manhattan and I had a French 75 or 76.

The theater was beautiful...
and the play was hilarious.
And we enjoyed our cab and pinot served in adult-proof sippy cups. (Caution! Despite the illusion of safety, sometimes they leak, as Greg found out.)
After the show we walked around Uptown a little bit before finding a spot for a late bite to eat.
The rink had either just opened for the season and we were too late to see the skaters, or they were still getting it ready.
We chose well for dinner and almost had the place to ourselves.
More to come!

December 24, 2013

In the Nick of Time

First holiday season in the new house. (Alright, we're not actually there for Christmas, back in Illinois with family and friends. But we'll be back for New Years.) Used some we already had and got a few new decorations to suit the new surroundings.  
Happy with the how it all turned out, thinking we'll be sticking with this scheme in the years to come.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!!!

December 17, 2013

West Seattle Garden Tour

Not exactly a seasonally appropriate subject, in fact as it's pretty much the opposite of the height of the growing season and smack in the middle of the holidays, it's not really timely at all. But as I'm trying to progress chronologically through my backlog of posts and thoughts of what to do garden-wise next year are already creeping into my mind, what the heck. It was still fun to look over shots from warmer days and dream.
Back in July we got tickets for the West Seattle Garden Tour. We saw a talk and arranging demonstration by Debra Prinzing, the queen of "slow flowers" and then made it around to a few of the gardens.
Beyond that, I guess the pictures speak for themselves.

Below are just down the street. Let the record state we scored the smallest house on the smallest lot in the neighborhood. We've been here just long enough I don't feel totally out of my element anymore. :)

Going to try to take some photos of our holiday decorations today and break with the chronological order to bring something that pertains more to December.