November 25, 2014

Best Supporting Plant Material

Happy Day 46
Farmers market peonies and greenery from the garden. Obviously the peonies are gorgeous, but those ferns are nothing to sneeze at. Can't beat the PNW for ferns. I swear I've seen some off in the woods the size of cars. 

Day's End

Happy Day 45
This was the color we decided to paint the fence around our deck and patio. (I wrote about the details of our outdoor space spruce earlier here.) I knew I wanted a charcoal gray and in addition to the fact that this one was just the right shade, the name seemed appropriate. :) You can see the odd blue and tan the fence was before. Our house is light green with white trim, a brown/gray foundation and a charcoal roof, so it just didn't tie in whatsoever. I never got around to taking the "after" pictures I meant too, but I do have at least one that shows how it all turned out, or rather how one corner turned out. It's a happy day pic, so it will appear here eventually!

November 20, 2014

Fitting Sentiment

Happy Day 44
Found the perfect card for my Dad this year as I am still aka Bear on occasion.

November 17, 2014

Best in Show

Happy Day 43
My favorite garden in the neighborhood. (Just a reminder I am still catching up on my Happy Days. This was taken round about the first half of June, lest someone think we moved to the southern hemisphere.) The house sits on the corner and all the area between the sidewalk and the curb has been turned into beds with the best mix of perennials, and bulbs in the spring too. It is full of blooms all season. Envious. Especially of the roses and peonies. I am still hoping to get some peonies in place this fall/winter. I read they do better when planted fall vs. spring. Hopefully, as the ones I planted earlier this year all succumbed to something. Maybe some bulbs too, if I can find the time. We've been having unusually crystal clear days for the past week or so, but hands have been too full (happily) of baby for gardening. If I don't get around to things this year, I suppose there's always next. Hopefully I'll be training a helper by then! :)

November 14, 2014

Room With a View

Happy Day 42
I finally got around to cleaning our bedroom windows, sashes and all, and was feeling relieved to be able to enjoy the view (you can see little pieces of the Sound and the Olympics from our bedroom, the living room and the dining room) and the window box without having the nagging thought that I really needed to clean the windows.

October 23, 2014

Outdoor Space Spruce

Happy Day 41
We decided we needed to give a little attention this summer to our backyard, which consists of a wooden deck and a brick patio surrounded by a privacy fence. The deck wood was starting to get really dried out and we hated the color of the fence as it didn't really seem to match anything else about the exterior of our house. First step was power washing away all the moss from all the surfaces. Pretty satisfying to watch them magically change color as they were hit with the spray, but it was also extremely time consuming and a little back breaking. In fact, the power washing took many more hours than anything else we did. After it was clean, we brushed a coat of water sealer onto the deck. I kind of wish we'd used a brightener on the wood before the sealer to even out the color and get rid of some stains, but oh well, live and learn, it still looks much better! We had the whole project priced out and it was over $1000 to have it done, so the whole time we were working on it, we kept patting ourselves on the back for being frugal DIYers.

October 15, 2014


Happy Day 40
Downtown for some reason and got stuck at the light. Just appreciating this landmark.